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What can I expect on my first session?

The purpose of the first session is an opportunity for you and I know to get to know each other better. This begins with completing the confidentiality agreement which forms the basis for our therapeutic relationship.

To understand you and the challenges you are facing, it's important that I get an insight into your past. Depending on my observations and with the knowledge I have, I can tailor an approach that's best suited to your needs. 


It's really important to have a relationship with a therapist that you feel safe with, in order to share your story in an environment of trust. How we feel during and after this first session, allows us to decide whether we are right for each other and determine how effective our work could be together. 


What you bring to the therapy room is precious; as you are bringing your vulnerabilities to me and all that is you. The trust you put in me is honoured and everything we talk about is treated with the utmost confidence and respect. 


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