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Anxiety is a sense of worry, unease or one being afraid of something that is happening or may do so in the future. The degree of anxiety can be anywhere from mild to severe. My therapeutic approach helps to look at the root of the worry and how best to manage it through strategies we can use and apply.

The journey to understanding the cause of your anxiety can seem scary. However, I will help you by providing the right support and advice that can be most beneficial for you.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) makes the steps to resolve your anxiety, which becomes more manageable with exercises that change the way you think about things. The meanings we attach to our perceptions are sometimes what needs altering. I also use other approaches in conjunction with CBT where necessary, to facilitate effective changes. 

So if you are experiencing General Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Anxiety disorder, and more, please feel free to contact me with a free no-obligation telephone consultation.

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