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Relationship Counseling

Relationships come in many forms and sometimes it may feel like its difficult to overcome the challenges we encounter. Often we find it easier to avoid those situations that make us uncomfortable, even though the unresolved issue causes us additional pain.

Finding the answers to help you resolve the relationship problems you face, means you will get a greater understanding of yourself. This can equip you to deal with the situation in a healthier way, making you feel good, not stressed or burnout from trying to fix the problem or running away from it. 

I understand what I am inviting you to do may seem scary, but I can assure you that once you understand your own patterns and your defence systems, you will feel a lot more alert and be kinder to yourselves; and those around you.

A greater understanding of your relationship will identify patterns in behaviour which are linked to the bonds created earlier in life when you were only little and still learning. 

Attachment theory approach is what I use to get a better understanding of your 'formative' styles and how they have adapted in adulthood. When working together, you will discover how these 'styles' play out in your current relationships. I also use Psychodynamic theory to see what defences you use in relationships when you protect yourself, in order to understand which are helpful for your relationship; and which are not.

Seeing and experiencing a change in certain behaviours will produce different and more positive results and of course, healthier relationships. 


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