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Anxiety/Stress Awareness Workshop

This workshop will cover, issues surrounding anxiety, create awareness and provide practical ways of dealing and managing anxiety.

Date: TBC,

Venue: Quinton Natural Therapies Centre

454 Hagley Road

B68 0DL


Enquire for next dates. 

Personal Life Quest Workshop

  • Have you ever wondered what your purpose is?

  • Do you sometimes feel like you have lost your direction due to the uncertainty? 

  • Do you want to find out what your passion is? 

  • Want to know your personality and why you behave the way you do and what contributes to your life and the decisions you have made as a result? 


Further dates to be confirmed.


Call or email for more information this workshop is not to be missed! 

Relationships Workshop for Couples or Individuals.

Now available on line too!

Course Outcomes (What will you get out of attending this workshop?):

  • Understand the science of love and drama cycles and how to stop them.

  • Use communication strategies that actually work and create low-conflict, highly intimate conversions.

  • Experience the power of forgiveness and know effective strategies for letting go, being free, processing forgiveness, and making apologies.

  • Understand how to stop unhealthy patterns and reprogram limiting beliefs.

  • Know how to speak the language of love so that both you and your partner feel loved and supported.

Have tools and insights to create long term happiness in your relationships.

'Confidence Building'

This workshop will help you cover:

  • core underlying beliefs that hold you back to feeling confident.

  • Teaching you to use a growth mindset   

  • Help you to stop feeling socially anxious and dependent on the positive judgment of others in order to feel good about yourself so that you can develop true confidence 

  • Feel confident even in the face of rejection and criticism      

  • The confidence to stop being crushed by failure and shrinking back from risk 

  • This course has to be taken by all those lacking in confidence!  


Further dates to be confirmed. Please enquire

All workshops are available online and face to face. (whilst there are restrictions due to Covid-19 all workshops are online).

TBC Express your interest.


Goal Setting


How to build a happier and fulfilling life.

Managing Depression

Relationship Workshop for couples or singles


Transformation Workshop. 

 Confidence/ Self Esteem Building Workshops

If you interested in attending any of the above workshops please drop me an email or call me 07500583101 to let me know which workshops you're interested in, along with your availability dates. 

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