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I first met Noreen at a very difficult time in my life and was surprised how much better I felt after just one session. I had felt stuck and hopeless, but her empathy and caring helped me a great deal. Noreen's incisive approach helped me get to the heart of my problems. I felt very supported in my time with her and I made significant progress which made a big improvement to my life. 


B. Harborne, Birmingham

Noreen has been a great help in understanding the reasons behind my drinking and my past trauma. She creates a very welcoming environment which allows you to open up and breaks her advice down into easily understandable chunks. Noreen's approach comes with a great mixture of formal and informal styles, that make you feel at ease when talking about your issues.


E. Kings Norton, Birmingham

I started having sessions with Noreen because of various problems. At first, I was holding back and reluctant to talk, but after a few sessions with her, I began to express myself more. With Noreen's encouragement, I started to think more clearly.


Noreen taught me techniques for more positive thinking which helped. The sessions were very relaxed and I felt at ease and comfortable at all times. Noreen also taught me strategies to live a more positive life and moving on in the future.


After my sessions with Noreen, I felt a lot more positive and able to cope really well. I know I can get in touch with Noreen if I have to in the future. I would recommend counselling with Noreen to anyone who thinks they need help.


I.M Wednesbury, West Midlands

Noreen was an amazing help to me when I needed it, to have someone there to listen to me even just once a week did me the world of good. Noreen is astounding at her job,  she was there to listen to me, support and give me guidance when I most needed it in my life. I don't think I would be the person I am today or have the standard of life  I now have without this lovely lady. Noreen kept in touch from time to time to ensure I was okay which meant so much to me, knowing she really cared, Thank you.

S. Northfield, Birmingham 

'I started emotion coaching with Noreen to  deal with the aftermath of a difficult divorce. From the outset, Noreen was very open-minded, non - judgmental, attentive and approachable. Noreen's manner of understanding what I need from each session was extremely efficient. I have been able to mend relationships with family members and have been provided with a sense of clarity going forward. The first session was fundamental in building trust and understanding my past. My final session involved much reflection and reviewing my progress. I greatly appreciate how the therapy started and finished as it allowed me to make meaningful connections about my intentions for starting therapy and assess my progress. 

Therefore, I would definitely recommend making contact with Noreen if you need a supportive and understanding therapist. 


Aisha, Birmingham'

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