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Psychodyamic Theory

Psychodynamic Theory looks at your behaviour and feelings that are affected by your unconscious mind responding to your experiences in childhood.

This results in feelings of anxiousness and may cause you to use defence mechanisms to disguise this; or you simply adopted them to survive certain situations that were painful.

Psychodynamic Therapy looks at your past and identifies any areas where you may have become stuck and unable to move to forward in your life.

The approach looks at your personality which consists of 3 different aspects. The ID (pleasure-seeking and responsible for instincts), Superego ( which obeys the parents and societies rules) and the Ego, ( which tries to mediate between the ID and Superego based on the demands of reality). We further look at the conscious and unconscious parts of desires and beliefs.

The Ego tries to keep conflicts and their discomfort away from consciousness by employing defence mechanisms at an unconscious level. There are various defences used to keep this from happening such as regression, reaction, projection, rationalisation, intellectualisation, repression and denial, to name a few.

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