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Healthy Self-esteem is one's confidence in their own abilities, self-respect, and self-worth. Self-Esteem is ultimately your own sense of value. One's feeling of self-worth has a huge impact on your 'being' in the world.

Low self-esteem over a long period of time, has the potential to affect our mental health. If low self-esteem is your main issue, I will look at what is its cause and together, we will explore practical ways to increase it. Self-esteem and confidence are not one of the same thing and ideally one should have a healthy amount of both. 

The approach I would use would depend on the cause of your low Self-Esteem. Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and/or Gestalt theoritical styles can work and I will utilise the one I believe the most effective for you. 

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