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Why do I feel so lonely? What can I do to change this?

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Life is a journey, one that we take either on our own or with someone who we think will complete us. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. So many of us feel lonely and afraid and we don't reach out and ask for help, we don't tell anyone how we feel inside. This can lead to further problems which can affect every part of our lives.

Loneliness is not a feeling we only get when we feel life has been unfair to us. It can happen to anyone, regardless of your status, career or relationships. Loneliness does not care who it affects, it feels like a big empty space for some.

Man walking up a long road, with hoody on, on his own lonely

This is a deep-seated question that lies within us. In order to find out, we have to go internally and see what the missing link is, what that empty feeling inside is about.

Look for the answers within.

All we need to know and understand I believe lies within us. Yes, within us. Let's just sit with that for a minute.

boxer resting his head on the ropes of the ring, looking defeated, upset, tired,

Learning to go within yourself helps you to get the answers to all those unanswered questions you may have.

Questions that are contributing to the loneliness. The ones were reluctant to ask, for the fear of having to do something about them once we know.

man closed eyes meditation, thinking, focusing

Sometimes we just need help in order to learn how to connect with ourselves. We spend so much time looking outside we miss the very essence of what it is, to be us.

We are powerful beyond belief, we just haven't learnt how to unleash that power.

Have you ever really wanted something but thought it was impossible? or wanted to do something? then somehow it happened? Your thoughts are powerful and with focus and visualization you can create what you want. You have to make it happen by wanting it so bad that it is the only thing you think about.

By doing this you enter a new awareness, and awareness is the key to unlocking a lot of our difficulties or stuckness in life. It will allow you to understand who you are and why you feel the things you do.

That's the power you hold, making things happen for yourself. You may have already experienced this and understand what I mean. For those of you who haven't experienced this phenomenon, it's just you don't know how too, just yet.

Want to learn how we connect within?

Meditation is one of the tools we can use to tap into our higher self. To shut the outside sounds off and hear the sound of our breathing and allow our internal voice to quieten down a little. We can learn to control our minds, one of the most powerful tools in the universe!

Once we're able to do this we can really look at what the loneliness is about. What it is trying to tell you.

I would encourage you to:

  • sit in a quiet place,

  • close your eyes,

  • simply breathe for a few breaths just focusing on the breath.

  • Then after a few minutes, to ask yourself the questions you want answers for and wait.

  • Don't worry about thoughts that come and go. Just be present and realise that's what will happen. Everytime your mind wonders off gently bring yourself back to your breath each time.

  • Allowing yourself to go deeper into your unconsciousness where the answers lie and see what comes up for you.

The feelings of loneliness or being afraid might be linked to different experiences. You may find you go back to some childhood events. Where we were trying to figure stuff out. A very important part of our development, where we could have made decisions and created defence mechanisms to protect ourselves from what we perceived as a threat. However, those defences may be the ones causing us the problems now. The best thing here is to feel, connect and try and understand what happened.

Whatever comes up for you I would encourage you to take your time with it and treat it sensitively. As some of this can be distressing for some, whilst for some it will be enlightening and offer freedom. As it unlocks the mysteries of your mind and thoughts.

It is hard to judge where you're at, but you know yourself best so do what is best for you and manageable.

If you require support counselling can be really helpful in figuring all this out if you can't by yourself or you need additional support.

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