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How to stop Anxiety in 5 simple steps

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

I'm guessing if you're reading this, you either have anxiety, or you want to know if you suffer from it! Either way, you want to know how to get rid of it! Right? Unfortunately, anxiety is here to stay! not what you wanted to hear I know, but it is true as experiencing anxiety from time to time is common.

However, if you're struggling with everyday life and your feeling, run down and constantly tired then maybe it is time you did something about it. Good news is we can learn to manage anxiety and live with it more comfortably by having tools to rely on. So if this is you, read on to see how you can help yourself.

If Anxiety is not managed it can lead to physical and psychological problems. There are lots of symptoms but here are few you might experience;

Psychological effects might :

  • Struggling to concentrate?

  • Always feeling tearful?

  • Find it difficult to sleep?

  • Finding you're constantly worrying?

Physical symptoms might be:

  • Finding yourself breathing fast?

  • Feel your heart pounding fast?

  • Have lost your appetite?

  • Getting palpitations?

If so try incorporating these 5 simple steps to help reduce these symptoms.

Also, be mindful of what is stopping you from achieving these steps. Often my clients follow some of these steps but there tends to be an underlying issue that stops them from achieving these goals described. So the 'How' is just as important as the 'Why'.

Step 1

  • Look after your health!! It is important to eat a better-balanced diet at regular intervals if possible. I know we all live such busy lives. It is not always easy to get a well balanced diet depending on your circumstances. There seems to be so much advice on what you should be doing, however, just find something that works for you. Small achievable steps to start with. Get help if necessary to work it out, from a nutritionist.

  • Eating regular and healthier meals will help regulate your blood sugar levels so you do not have a crash down. Which often leaves you feeling like you have no energy or the motivation to get the other things done.

Step 2

Exercise. Yes, I know you probably heard this before, but it will really help with your moods. It does not have to be in a gym for 1-2 hours. I'm suggesting 20 minutes walk down to the park, or to the shop whatever is manageable. Just move around enough to work a sweat or get your breathing up.

  • Try conscious walking, what I mean by this, is being aware of your surroundings and taking in everything and connecting with what is around you. When grounding yourself, avoid walking and talking on your phone or any other distractions.

Step 3

  • Get some Sleep! Allow your body to relax and replenish. Try hot baths or tiring yourself out so you can get a better nights sleep. Too much activity before bed will keep your mind thinking. Your body has worked hard all day it needs rest.

  • Personally I found going swimming to be relaxing and I felt tired at the end of the night. If you're still struggling try listening to meditation music.

Step 4

  • Self-Care for the mind.

  • Meditation or mindfulness

  • Using thought diaries. All ways of exercising your mind. Helping relax your mind will help ease all the different activities going on in your mind.

  • Keeping a journal allows you to write all your thoughts down so you are not walking around with them in your mind all day/night worrying yourself.

  • Another advantage to writing it down is, it allows you to come back to it at a later date, and try to make sense of it by decluttering, which will help you feel lighter.

Step 5

  • Do something you enjoy. So many of my clients say 'oh I do stuff for myself' but when we explore like what, it often involves doing something for someone else.

  • Don't get me wrong, helping others make us feel good, however, for this step I want you to bring back a bit of you before the anxiety took over. If you can't remember such a time, then do anything that relaxes you.

Some suggestions I would like to make:

  • putting on your favourite music on and dancing around your lounge, (this way you hit the exercise step too).

  • reading a book.

  • seeing friends/family whose company you enjoy.

Anything that is JUST FOR YOU!

I hope you find these tools helpful and you learn how to manage your anxiety best you can.

I wanted to create something that you could have as your go-to in order to kick start things.

Having anxiety is not pleasant and makes so many of us live life in uncertainty and worry. With the right tools, I want you to know, we really don't have to.

We can live the life we were meant too, be our best self. If you feel you require help in reaching this goal, or just want to talk it out and get some support and understanding see a counsellor who can help with this goal.

Just remember you are not alone, and you can manage anxiety. Take care of yourself.


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